The Automatic Identification Systems ( commonly referred to as AIS) is employed on Ships in the Main Bridge Room primarily to view the Marine traffic movement in the surrounding area The Automatic Identification System is also used for avoiding collision of ships. The Automatic Identification System is used a a supplementary equipment compared to the Marine radar which is the Primary mode for collision avoidance. Automatic Identification System system is connected and integrated with the Ships VHF, GPS receiver, gyrocompass which gives it the necessary feed to process the Ships position vis-a-vis other ships in the area.

We procure these Automatic Identification System from the Ships coming for scrap in the Ship Recycling Yard. The Automatic Identification System) are then checked to be in working condition with all functions and then carefully stored for supply to our clients.

We have available in stock Ship AIS (Automatic Identification System) of the following Makes :-

Automatic Identification System
Type : FA-100 , FA-150

Make : J.R.C
Type : JHS-180, JHS-182, JHS-183

Type : SI-30

Make : SAAB
Type : R-4

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