Antennas and Spares

ANTENNA’s / SCANNER’s / REPEATER’s & Other BRIDGE ROOM SPARES (Antennas and Spares)

We have Best Antennas and Spares. Considering that the Ships that come for scrap in India, the customs bans the sale of the Communication Equipments as a Law. Thus some of the Equipments are recovered in-complete from ships and we sell them as spares such as Ships Antenna’s, Power supply units, etc… as listed below


Antenna’s : VHF Antenna, GPS Antenna, AIS Antenna, Broadband F33 & F77 ADE, Radar Scanners, LRIT Antenna, etc…
Antenna Tuner Units (ATU) : JRC NFC-196, 296, Furuno AT 1560
Power supply units : JRC NBD-519A, Sailor N163S,
Gyro Compass Interface : UGI-417, NT-990,
Gyro Repeaters : Anschutz, Sperry, Tokyo Keiki, LR-40,
NSK Unit : NCT-27
Printers : OKI, Furuno, JRC
Magnetic Compass : Tokyo Keiki
Wetaherfax : Furuno, JRC

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