Marine Radars


Ship or Marine Radars are equipments that assist the bridge navigation systems to inform the ships crew of any other vessels or land in certain range of the ship. These are very important Ship navigation aids. These Radars are either ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aid ) or Non-ARPA & in X Band or S Band. The Radar picks signals from near & far objects.
We procure these Radars from the Ships coming for scrap in the Ship Recycling Yard. The Radars are then checked to be in working condition with all functions and then carefully stored for supply to our clients. The radars comprise the complete set including the Screen/ Display, Processor unit, Transceiver unit and complete cables.
We have available in stock Ship Radars of the following Makes :-

Presently we have following Marine Radars for You: 

Type : FAR 2817, FAR 2827, FAR 2837S, FAR 2825, FAR 2835S, FR 2115, FR 2125, FR 1510 mk3,

Make : Japan Radio Corp (JRC)
Type : JMA 9922, JMA 9932, JMA 9122, JMA 9110, JMA 9132S, JMA 6252

Type : 2300 MANTA, MANTA DIGITAL, KH 6000A, KH 5000,

Type : ST 340, T 340

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