Ship Equipments in India

We supply Ship Equipments in India. The Equipments include Marine Navigation like radars, gyro compass, GPS, Navtex, AIS, Repeaters, SVDRs, etc.. & Stores like Tools, Liferafts, Lifeboats, deck equipments, etc… These Equipments are required by the Sea-going ships on regular basis. These Equipments are  fully checked, at our works and then on board supplied to Shipping Companies, Traders and Agents around the globe. Our on time Supply Schedule for Equipments is one of its kind in the industry among Marine Suppliers in India.

Ship’s voyage data recorder (vdr) or simplified voyage data recorder (svdr) is a data-recording equipment normally employed in the Ships Bridge Room to record data. It can also be called the Black box of Ships. It is connected to sensors & microphones on the ships, which compress & collect data & voice messages (in the bridge) in the externally stored Capsule on the top deck of the ship. The ship’s voyage data recorder (vdr) or simplified voyage data recorder (svdr) Capsule is tamper proof & designed to withstand extreme weather conditions & shocks. This Protective capsule may be Fixed-type or Float-free and can store data upto 12 hours before the ship meets an accident or sinks.

AIS is employed on Ships in the Main Bridge Room primarily to view the Marine traffic movement in the surrounding area The Automatic Identification System is also used for avoiding collision of ships. The Automatic Identification System is used a a supplementary equipment compared to the Marine radar which is the Primary mode for collision avoidance. Automatic Identification System system is connected and integrated with the Ships VHF, GPS receiver, gyrocompass which gives it the necessary feed to process the Ships position vis-a-vis other ships in the area. we supply all kind of ship equipments in india
We procure these ship’s voyage data recorder (vdr) or simplified voyage data recorder (svdr) from the Ships coming for scrap in the Ship Recycling Yard.

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