Ship Radar supplier in india

We are one of the leading Ship Radar Supplier in India. The Equipments include Marine Navigation like radars, gyro compass, GPS, Navtex, AIS, Repeaters, SVDRs, etc.. & Stores like Tools, Liferafts, Lifeboats, deck equipments, etc… These Equipments are required by the Sea-going ships on regular basis. These Equipments are  fully checked, at our works and then on board supplied to Shipping Companies, Traders and Agents around the globe. Our on time Supply Schedule for Equipments is one of its kind in the industry among Marine Suppliers in India.

The Global Positioning System ( commonly referred to as GPS) is employed on Ships in Bridge Room. It basically receives the data from a Satellite GPS station and calculates the Ships Geographical position on the Map as an exact 2D fix on board- as Longitude and Latitude. On board, the GPS (Global Positioning System ) receiver stores the almanac data for continuous use. GPS (Global Positioning System) has become mandatory on all the Sea going ships, even the tugs & small luxury boats are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System). we are best Ship Radar supplier in india
The Latest Development in GPS (Global Positioning System) field is the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) which gives the location more accurately than the GPS. we are best Ship Radar supplier in india.

We procure these GPS (Global Positioning System) & DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) from the Ships coming for scrap in the Ship Recycling Yard. The GPS (Global Positioning System)) are then checked to be in working condition with all functions and then carefully stored for supply to our clients.

We have best quality chilling compressors, Compressor is one such Machine which is used for several purposes on a ship. As the main aim of the compressor, as its name suggests, is to compress air. The Main Engine AIR COMPRESSOR is used to start the Main Engine or Auxilliary Engine of the Ship by giving it a jolt of compressed Air to get the Pistons in the Cylinder Liners moving. They supply Air between the range of 25 to 30 bar.
Deck air compressor is used for deck as service air compressor and have a separate air bottle. These are lower capacity compressors which supply air in between the range of 6 to 8 bar.
Chilling compressors is used for the Cold Storage or AC facilities on board the Ship.
Presently we purchase these Compressors which are in good / working condition from Ships coming to the Ship Recycling Yard,. These Air Compressors or Chilling Compressors are totally stripped down and worn out parts are replaced with new genuine spares & after cleaning and painting, the compressors are boxed up again and tested for ready use & commissioning on Ship.

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