Turbo-charger is a turbine driven Machine that increases the internal combustion & Engine’s efficiency & power by forcing outside extra air into the chamber where the combustion takes place. This turbocharger is powered by the turbine rotor that is driven by the exhaust gas that emits from the Main or Auxilliary Engine.  The turbocharger compressor draws in the air, compresses it before it enters the Engine’s inlet manifold. It assists in improving the Engine power.

Since the turbocharger rotates at a very high speed from anywhere between 25000 ~ 50000 rpm, the Rotor has to be well balanced.

Presently we purchase these Trubochargers which are in good / working condition from Ships coming to the Ship Recycling Yard,. These second hand Turbochargers are then totally stripped and the Bearings, Bushings are replaced and the inner condition of the Inlet & outlet casings of the turbocharger are thoroughly checked before re-packing the same so that we can supply our clients in best possible condition for immediate commissioning of the turbochargers on the Engines. Also we have available Spare parts of these Turbochargers such as New & S/hand inlet & Outlet Casings, New Bearings, Bushings, etc….

We have available in stock the Turbochargers & Spares of the following Makes :-

Make : BBC / ABB
Type : VTR 160 / 161 , VTR 200 / 201, VTR 250 / 251 , VTR 400 / 401, VTR 501

Make : BBC / ABB
Type : VTR 454 , VTR 564

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